A sudden reminder

When we were young and silly…

Do you remember your first date? I do like it was just yesterday 🙂 It was very romantic. I was 16, he was a bit older. His name was Arthur. He was in the baseball team and every girl at college wanted to date him. But he chose me. That night I put on my best dress and spent at least an hour detailing my makeup 🙂 Trying to impress me, he took me to a luxurious hangout where I ordered some insanely expensive shrimp salad :)There were red roses and wine on the table, he kept giving me compliments and I kept blushing in the dimness of the restaurant wondering whether he saw it :)I couldn’t think straight and heard myself saying one nonsense after another, but he didn’t seem to notice it. He looked at me with loving eyes and, after a few glasses of wine, I finally relaxed and felt at ease. Our hands touched across the table…And imagine my surprise when the band started playing my favorite song and Arthur asked me to a dance! Embracing him, I thought it was too perfect to be true. And I was right:) When the waiter brought the bill, it turned out that Arthur didn’t have enough money 🙂 It was so embarrassing, especially considering the shrimp salad and the private dance! Luckily, I had a few dollars in my pocket, but Arthur still had to leave his Swiss watch to bail us out 🙂 He thought I would never agree to go out with him again, but we dated for two years. So, guys, take notes: romance is stronger than a restaurant bill 🙂

Red petals, sparkling glasses…

I haven’t recollected that day for quite a long time until I saw a painting called ‘Roses and Wine’ here, in the online gallery of Leonid Afremov. By then, I already heard about this artist, but I never saw his works with my own eyes. So I was simply stunned by the abundance of color and the amazing style. See for yourself:

  • The palette ranges from scarlet red to milky violet, with delicate transitions and stark contrasts.
  • There are no clear outlines, no soft edges – the strokes are applied sharply and loosely, with one touch of a brush. Or rather a palette knife (never tried it, but I guess I should).
  • The composition is quite simple, but the technique adds an impression of sophistication to the scene.
  • Finally, the painting has a very romantic aura! Once I saw it, I recollected all details of that distant night and felt those emotions again although I’m now 15 years older 🙂

Now this marvelous still life is on my computer desktop. I even plan to buy it so to say ‘in the flesh’ one day. I wish I could paint so brilliantly!









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